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flooded basement survival guide

Follow These Steps to Survive a Flooded Basement

Quick Navigation 1. Notify Authorities 2. Protect Yourself and Family 3. Start Clean-up    3.1 Water Removal    3.2 Discard Trash    3.3 Sanitizing and Disinfecting    3.4 Ventilation and Drying    3.5. Mold Control 4. Find the Problem to Prevent Future Flooding As we all know, life tends to throw us curves every once in a while. You’ve taken […]

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silhouette inside drain

Common Drain Problems and Solutions

Quick Navigation Drains, Drains, and More Drains Deeper Problems Investigation Time to Get Serious Clog Prevention Has this ever happened to you? You forget to set your alarm the night before, so you wake up late for work. You only have 10 minutes to shower before you have to run out the door. You let […]

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angry plumber

Most Common Sump Pump Problems

Quick Navigation 1. Lost Power 2. Float Switch Failure 3. Incorrect Pump Size 4. Installation Issues 5. Frozen Pipe 6. Neglecting Maintenance 7. Defective Product 8. Old Age Simply stated, every home should have a sump pump. While we’ve all heard about, or perhaps even experienced, a flooded basement due to a sump pump problem, […]

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waterproofing problems

Common Exterior Basement Waterproofing Problems and Solutions

Quick Navigation 1. Foundation Repair 2. Sealant and Membrane Application 3. Weeping Tile Repair or Installation 4. Gutter and Downspout Installation and Maintenance 5. Put In or Clean Window Wells 6. Maintain Proper Grading Foolproof Steps to Owning a Perfectly Normal Basement If you’re like most homeowners, you spend the majority of your time in […]

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Weeping Tile

Everything You Need to Know About Weeping Tile

Quick Navigation 1. What are weeping tiles 2. How does weeping tile work   2.1 Types of weeping tile systems 3. Exterior weeping tile installation process   3.1 Interior weeping tile installation process   3.2 How to Use Weeping Tile for Backyard Drainage   3.3 Window Well Weeping Tile 4. Weeping tile maintenance   4.1 How to Tell If Your […]

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lady homeowner

What Homeowners Can Do to Prevent Basement Flooding

As you prepare for the cold winter months ahead, make sure your “To Do” list includes taking the necessary steps to prevent basement flooding. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost each year from basement flooding. Regardless of the use – for storage, a work area, a laundry room, a play area or extra living […]

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liberty submersible sump pump

Why Every Home Should Have a Sump Pump

Peace of mind is a dry basement There’s nothing more relaxing than drifting off to sleep listening to the rain patter against your windows. It’s a cozy feeling being warm and dry inside your home – while Mother Nature is doing her thing outside. Suddenly you bolt out of bed remembering that last time there […]

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basement waterproofing process infographic

Step-by-step Guide to Basement Waterproofing [Infographic]

Click the graphic below to enlarge THE 8 STEPS TO BASEMENT WATERPROOFING PROCESS While a little water in an unfinished basement or a damp feeling as you step onto the carpet of a finished lower level may not seem like cause for concern, they should not be ignored. Small leaks often get bigger and if […]

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internal vs external waterproofing

Internal vs External Waterproofing for a Dry Basement

A wet basement is never a fun thing to deal with. If not rectified in time, this problem can sometimes have a serious impact not only on the condition and the value of the property, but also the health of its inhabitants. Usually the repairs are conservative in nature, like when there is a foundation […]

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How to Attack Foundation Cracks and Repair Them

The interesting fact about foundation cracks is that when they are discovered, they tend to scare homeowners.   There is not a lot of education or awareness about foundation cracks and most owners who are afraid of getting ‘bad news’ in the form of a large contracting bill, will attempt to mask the crack themselves or […]

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