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How to Attack Foundation Cracks and Repair Them

The interesting fact about foundation cracks is that when they are discovered, they tend to scare homeowners.   There is not a lot of education or awareness about foundation cracks and most owners who are afraid of getting ‘bad news’ in the form of a large contracting bill, will attempt to mask the crack themselves or […]

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How to Wage a War & Win Against Water in Your Basement

A flooded basement is a story that most homeowners do not want to share, let alone experience more than once. It is a costly, disruptive and potentially dangerous occurrence that can be avoided with a few precautions and some expertise. As with any strategic battle, it pays to know who your enemy is. When it […]

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Toronto Flooding Subsidy Program Covers Up to 80% of the Invoiced Cost

If you want protection from flood damage, now is a good time to upgrade your home drainage system and let the city of Toronto cover the cost. Homeowners in eligible areas have a chance to participate in the Flooding Subsidy Program. Since the GTA municipal sewer system was overwhelmed with extra rainfall in recent years, […]

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Heading for High Ground: How to Cope with a Basement Flood

You walk down the stairs to your basement and the realization isn’t a pleasant one. Flooding in basements can be caused by a variety of sources including ground water and runoff seasonally or after an unusual volume of natural precipitation. Improperly sealed foundations can allow ground water to enter through the concrete floor or through […]

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Turning the Tide for Wet Basements: Why They Happen and How to Fix Them

By the time you discover there is a problem, it is not too late but it can certainly dampen your weekend. With the increased instances of rainfall in certain areas, flood management and building on flood plains and other factors, the likelihood of a wet basement is a probability for most home owners. If it […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Waterproofing Problems in Your House

How do you react when you visit your basement after a gap of a few weeks only to find a strange green growth lacing your walls? You are understandably grossed out, until you lay your eyes on the discarded furniture. You see the green thing hasn’t spared it either. It has formed a thin carpet-like […]

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6 Common Plumbing Issues and the Solutions

The infographic briefly explains what some of the most common plumbing problems that households run into everyday. The weather in Toronto can range to become very hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter, exposing your drains to harsh climate changes. This can have a negative effect on the durability of a plumbing […]

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The 5 Main Causes of Basement Leaks

Let’s face it, though water is the source of life, it can also cause a lot of damage to a property. When water flows into the house through a crack in the basement, or a leak by your window sill, the results can be quite ugly if you don’t notice it in time. Water damage […]

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Signs of Water Damage

Quite often, water can get into the house unnoticed, since it’s usually very quiet when sneaking in through cracks. Areas need to be fully sealed in order to keep water out. Over time buildings settle and materials deteriorate making your house more prone to water damage. Your house may be your biggest investment, so you’ll […]

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