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Basement Waterproofing Services Orillia

We Prevent and Repair Leaks in Orillia & Beyond

Aquamaster Basement Waterproofing Orillia is one of the leading companies serving Orillia since 2009. Our team has the experience & expertise to deliver waterproofing services of any difficulty - interior and exterior waterproofing, foundation repairs, wall crack repairs, and more. Hire a team of experts to repair basement leaks and prevent damp and wet basement problems.

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Basement Leak Repair & Wet Basement Experts

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Expertise, equipment, unbeatable process, quality workmanship, and good pricing are just some of the reasons to choose Aquamaster Basement Waterproofing. Our team is here to help repair small basement leaks, and basement wall & floor cracks, as well as help repair some of the major problems - basement underpinning, bench footing, basement walkout construction, and more.

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How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost in Orillia?


Basement waterproofing project in Orillia can cost from $70-$350 per linear foot with an average price of basement waterproofing of $76 per linear foot. The specific price will depend on the waterproofing method, depth of the foundation, extent of the foundation damage, and scope of the project and waterproofing materials used. 

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Cost of Finding & Repairing Wet, Dump and Leaky Basement

How much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost in Ajax?

Basement waterproofing cost Ajax can range between $70-$350 per linear foot, depending on the specific scope of the project. In addition, interior basement waterproofing Ajax tends to be more affordable compared to exterior basement waterproofing projects. However, external basement waterproofing is considered a permanent, long-lasting solution and won’t require ongoing maintenance, while interior basement waterproofing will require maintenance and sump pump repair and replacement, and more. If not maintained properly interior waterproofing solution can lead to sump pump overflow and even basement flood.

Basment Waterproofing Services Orillia

Some of our Basement Waterproofing Services Available in Orillia

Infographics showing what problems basement waterproofing services can solve - basement leaks, wet walls, floor, water seepage and more

Basement waterproofing is complex and every case scenario is different. That's why our basement waterproofing experts have a variety of approaches in our arsenal. From waterproofing your basement from the outside to repairing wall & floor cracks, installing weeping tiles and even repairing the foundation of your home. Get one of our experts on the phone today!

Example of Exterior Basement Waterproofing Project in Toronto, near CN Tower

Exterior basement waterproofing is considered the most durable solution. It involves excavating around the foundation and repairing wall cracks. Basement walls are then sealed with waterproofing membranes and other waterproofing materials.

Exterior Waterproofing Cost - $100-$300/linear foot

Basement Underpinning Project in Progress near Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto

Basement underpinning is a construction technique used to increase the depth or strengthen the foundation of an existing building, particularly in cases where the current foundation is inadequate or needs improvement. It involves excavating and extending the depth of the foundation below its original level and then reinforcing it to provide additional stability and support. This process can be employed to create more headroom in a basement, increase the load-bearing capacity of the foundation, or address issues related to foundation settling or structural concerns. Underpinning is typically carried out by professional contractors and requires careful engineering and planning to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the building.

Basement Underpinning Cost - $85-$450 per linear foot

Waterproofing Contractor Installing a Window Well

Window wells are structures designed to allow natural light and ventilation into basement or below-grade spaces, typically found in homes with partially or fully underground lower levels. They are essentially excavated spaces outside basement windows that are surrounded by walls or barriers to prevent soil from collapsing into the window area. Window wells are connected to the weeping tile (drainage system) to prevent water from pooling. 

Window Well Installation Cost - $1,600-$4,000

Plumbing Rough Ins Installed in the Basement

Basement plumbing rough-ins & basement bathroom rough-ins are some of the most popular services along with new construction waterproofing. They involve our team of Aquamaster waterproofing contractors installing pipes and vents for the plumbing system in new construction projects. This service involves routing pipes through wall cavities, running vent stacks to the roof, laying underground pipes, and installing fixtures and end elements etc.

Example of Interior Basement Waterproofing Project

Internal waterproofing is another approach to waterproofing. It involves managing the water that already made it to your basement, as opposed to preventing the leaks (the way interior waterproofing does). Waterproofing membranes will be installed inside the basement and will direct water to the drainage systems and the sump pump will push the water outside your basement. this solution is more cost-effective upfront but will require more maintenance long term. Interior waterproofing is considered less effective compared to exterior solution.

Interior Waterproofing Cost - $70-$350/linear foot

Basement Wall Crack Repair in Progress

Cracked basement walls or floors will almost 100% lead to water leaks or even worse. After the basement cracks are detected, we will go for foundation crack repair. Foundation cracks will be injected with an epoxy-resin solution that bonds the pieces of the concrete foundation together. While larger basement wall and floor cracks may require other repairs.

Foundation Crack Repair Cost - $1,500-$3,200


Basement leak detection services are the first step our team will take before the leak repair. Pipes, basement wall cracks, and many other issues can create wet or damp basement walls & floors. Our team has all the necessary equipment and training to identify the source of the leak and repair it.

Waterproofing Contractors installing a weeping tile in front of CN Tower

Weeping tiles, also known as foundation drains or perimeter drains, are a drainage system installed around the perimeter of a building's foundation to manage groundwater and prevent water from accumulating around the foundation. Despite the name, they are not actual tiles but rather a system of perforated pipes or tubes used to channel excess water away from the foundation.

Sump Pump Installation and Battery Backup Replacement Example

A sump pump is a mechanical device used to remove excess water that accumulates in a low-lying area, typically a basement or a crawl space, to prevent flooding and water damage. It consists of a pump placed in a pit or "sump" that collects water that has entered the space. When the water level in the sump pit reaches a certain point, the pump is activated, and it pumps the water out through a pipe that leads away from the building to a location where the water can safely drain.

Sump pumps are particularly useful in areas prone to heavy rainfall, flooding, or where the water table is high. In some cases, your basement may have multiple sump pumps installed, depending on the amount of water that needs to be managed.

Sump Pump Installation Cost - $500-$3,600

Installation of Backwater Valve or a Backflow Preventer

Backwater valve is designed to prevent sewage or wastewater from flowing back into a building's drainage system. It's installed in sewer lines to protect properties from potential flooding caused by sewer backups during heavy rain or other instances of overwhelmed municipal sewage systems. The valve allows wastewater to flow out of the building but closes when water tries to flow back into the building, thus preventing contamination and potential damage. Backwater valves are an essential component of flood prevention systems, particularly in areas prone to sewer backups.

A waterproofer sealing the crawlspace of a building

Crawlspace encapsulation is a process of sealing and insulating the crawl space beneath a home to create a controlled environment that helps prevent moisture-related issues and improve energy efficiency. Our experts can help identify the best solution to crawlspace sealing and any additional services you may need with it - dehumidifier installation, sump pump installation and more.

Example of Basement Walkout

Basement walkout construction involves creating a direct entry or exit from a basement to the outside, typically at ground level or slightly below. This construction allows easier access to the basement area and can serve various purposes, such as adding extra living space, creating a rental unit, or providing convenient access for storage. This service is often combined with the basement wall and window cutouts to modify your basement further & increase its usability.

Example of Basement Waterproofing Membrane application in Orillia

Waterproofing Products Available in Orillia

Basement Waterproofing Materials Available in Orillia

Protect your home in Orillia by investing in basement waterproofing materials to ensure a dry, clean and safe living space.

Given our city's unique local climate, waterproofing your basement is essential to prevent potential water damage caused by heavy rains or melting snow. Superior quality waterproofing materials will provide an effective barrier against moisture, preventing mould growth and structural deterioration.

Make a significant difference in the longevity of your home's foundation today, and save on potentially high repair bills tomorrow with our comprehensive range of industry-approved basement waterproofing solutions.

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Reviews About Aquamaster Orillia

Discover why residents of Orillia trust Aquamaster for all our basement waterproofing needs. Our reviews speak volumes about our professional, timely, and efficient waterproofing services. From the top-quality materials used to our trained and dedicated technicians, customers consistently praise the reliability and effectiveness of our work. Whether it's exterior waterproofing, interior solutions, or sump pump installations, our reviews highlight a high satisfaction rate across all our services. Trust Aquamaster Basement Waterproofing to protect your Orillia home from water damage with our tested and highly recommended offerings. 

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