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Welcome to Aquamaster, your trusted source of basement window installations, window & door cut out services and more. In business since 2009, our team has been expanding and improving our service offering. Today, we are happy to offer a range or waterproofing services, including egress window installations, above the below the ground window cut outs and more.
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Basement Window & Door Cut Outs Toronto

What is Basement Wall Cutout & Why do you Need One?

A basement wall cutout refers to the process of creating an opening or removing a portion of a basement wall to accommodate windows or doors or to expand existing basement windows. It involves cutting through the foundation wall to create a suitable space for the installation of these openings.
The cutout is typically reinforced with framing materials to ensure structural integrity.
This service is often combined with other important services such as:
  • Basement Walkouts – larger projects that can include basement window & door cut outs or cut downs.
  • Window Well Installation – important especially when delivering window cutouts below the ground – helps prevent water seeping through the basement window.
  • Weeping Tile Installations – your newly-added window well will need to be connected to the drainage system to prevent water accumulation in the window well.
  • Other Basement Waterproofing Services – depending on the specifics of your project additional insulation and waterproofing services may be required.
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Why Expand Basement Windows or Add Additional Windows & Doors

Benefits of Basement Window & Door Cutouts

Basement window installation & basement window expansion services are popular services in Toronto and beyond. That’s because adding or expanding basement windows brings a number of benefits to the table, including:

  • Natural Light – adding windows to your basement allows natural light to enter the space, creating a more inviting and comfortable environment. It helps eliminate the dark and gloomy feel often associated with basements, making the area brighter and more enjoyable.

  • Ventilation – proper airflow and ventilation are crucial in basements to prevent moisture buildup, musty odors, and mold growth. Basement windows facilitate air circulation by allowing fresh air to enter and stale air to exit. This improved ventilation helps maintain a healthier and more pleasant atmosphere in the basement, making it fresh & cozy. 

  • Emergency Egress – in case of an emergency, such as a fire or other hazards, basement windows can serve as additional escape routes. Building codes often require at least one egress window installation in the basements to provide a safe exit in case the main access points are blocked. These windows are typically larger and easy to open, allowing occupants to exit the basement quickly. 

  • Energy Efficiency – modern basement windows are designed to be energy-efficient, offering improved insulation and reducing heat loss or gain. This can help regulate the temperature in your basement, making it more comfortable and reducing energy consumption. Additionally, energy-efficient windows can contribute to lower heating and cooling costs throughout the entire house. In case you are considering basement window enlargement or new basement window cut outs, look into energy-effective options.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics – look & feel of your home is important. Basement windows can significantly enhance the overall appearance of both the interior and exterior of your home. They bring in natural light, making the basement feel more like a livable space rather than a dark storage area. From the outside, well-designed windows can improve the curb appeal of your home, adding beauty and value to the property. 

  • Increased Home Value – the addition of basement windows can increase the value of your home. The improved space enhanced natural light, and functionality can make the basement more appealing to potential buyers. Basement door & window cutouts can both improve your basement.

It’s important to consider local building codes, the layout of your basement, and the specific requirements of your property before undertaking any window installation project. Professional guidance and expertise should be sought to ensure proper installation and compliance with safety regulations.

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Basement Cutouts Toronto & Related Services

Types of Basement Window & Door Cut Outs Toronto

Basement window and door cut out services come in a number of shapes & sizes. From egress window installations, and basement window expansions to basement walkouts and door installations. Here is more about the types of cutouts:

Egress Window Installation

Egress windows are a must-have because of the building codes & regulations. Make sure to consult your local regulations or give us a call to discuss egress window installation in your area.
means that you already have a window and are looking for window expansion. Often times this is easier to do because it likely won’t impact any supporting structures.
Above the Ground Window Cut Down – $1,000+
In some cases, your existing basement windows are close to the ground. This means that basement window expansion will involve dealing with the ground and making sure water won’t accumulate or seep through the window. This is often combined with window well installation & weeping tile installation services.
Below the Ground Window Cut Down Cost – $1,500+

Above the Ground Window Cut Out

Your basement walls are likely made of concrete and this means that the team will need to use special tools in order cut out the window. In addition, our team will ensure structural integrity of the wall. Lintels, headers and everything else – we will take care of it.
Above the Ground Window Cut Out – $2,000+
Below the ground window installation will need to have a window well installed, as well a drainage system. In addition, the structural integrity of the building will need to be ensured.
Below the Ground Window Cut Out – $2,500+
And walkout basement construction will require the team to ensure structural support for the newly cut-out basement door. These projects are often combined with concrete stair installations and retaining wall installation services.
Basement Door Cut Out – $2,700+

Window Well Installation

Window well installation refers to the process of creating a secure and functional enclosure around basement windows or below-grade windows that are partially or fully below ground level. Window wells serve multiple purposes, including providing natural light, ventilation, emergency exits, and access for maintenance and escape.
Window Well Installation Cost – $1,600-$4,000
A weeping tile, also known as a drain tile or french drain, is a porous pipe that is used to manage groundwater around a building’s foundation. The pipe is typically made of plastic or clay, and is installed around the foundation.
The purpose of a weeping tile is to collect groundwater and divert it away from the foundation to prevent water damage and flooding.
Walkout basement construction is an excellent way to add functionality to your basement and allow better ventilation, sun, and more. Walkout basements are a popular investment for property owners who are looking to increase the value of their property or make their basement into a more functional space or even convert it into a rental with a separate entrance.

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