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Welcome to Aquamaster – your trusted foundation repair contractor in Toronto. Since 2009 we’ve been helping clients all around Toronto and the GTA stabilize & strengthen the foundations of their homes. We have the specialists and expertise to handle foundation repairs of any level from basement underpinning to foundation piering and stabilizing the foundation.
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What Causes Foundation Damage?

There are several reasons why your foundation may get damaged – foundation settling, poor foundation construction, expanding and contracting soil, broken drainage systems, water accumulating around the foundation and more.

Signs That You Need Foundation Repairs

Over time, the problems described above lead to foundation damage – hairline wall & floor cracks, sticking windows and doors, deep foundation cracks and more. Make sure to talk to foundation repair professionals if you suspect the foundation of your Toronto home needs repairs. Here are a few examples of damaged foundation that we encounter most often:
Basement Wall & Floor Cracks
Look for cracks in the interior or exterior walls and even drywalls of your basement. The cracks can have different widths, from hairline to 1/8 of an inch and wider. Pay attention to diagonal cracks, stair-step cracks, or horizontal cracks, as they can indicate different types of foundation movement.
Uneven or Sloping Floors
If you notice that your floors are uneven or sloping, it could be a sign of foundation issues. This is particularly noticeable if you place a ball on the floor, and it rolls in a certain direction.
Sticking Doors & Windows
If your doors or windows suddenly become difficult to open or close, or if you notice gaps around them, it may be due to a shifting foundation. As the foundation moves, it can cause the frames to become misaligned.
Sagging or Bowing Walls
These are likely a result of foundation problems. This is a very serious issue that should be addressed promptly to prevent collapse.
Gaps Around Doors & Windows
Check for noticeable gaps or separations between the door or window frames and the walls of your Toronto home. These gaps can occur as the foundation settles or shifts, affecting the alignment of the openings.
Basement Moisture & Water Intrusion
A damp basement, wet basement walls & floors, mould growth, pooling water, and other signs can indicate foundation issues such as cracks that allow water to seep.
Chimney Issues
A leaning or tilting chimney can be an indication of foundation problems. If you notice that your chimney is separating from the house, leaning to one side, or has visible cracks, it’s important to talk to an expert.
If you have noticed any of these signs in your home, it’s recommended to consult with a professional foundation repair contractor in Toronto, like Aquamaster. We can assess the situation, determine the cause of the issues, and recommend the appropriate solution to stabilize and restore your foundation.
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What are the Benefits of Foundation Repairs?

  • The question answers itself. It is important to deliver foundation repair in Toronto to prevent further damage and protect your property. Here are some other key benefits of foundation repair:
  • Structural stability – The primary benefit of foundation repair is restoring the structural stability of your home or building. By addressing foundation issues promptly, you can prevent further damage and potential collapse. Repairing the foundation ensures that the entire structure is supported properly, reducing the risk of structural failure.
  • Improved Safety – A stable foundation promotes the safety of occupants and visitors. It minimizes the risk of accidents caused by sagging floors, collapsing walls, or other structural hazards. Foundation repair helps create a secure living or working environment by addressing potential safety risks.
  • Protection of Property Value – Your home or building in Toronto represents a significant investment, and maintaining its value is essential. Foundation problems can significantly decrease property value, making it difficult to sell in the future. By investing in foundation repairs, you preserve and potentially increase the value of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Prevention of Further Damage – Foundation issues tend to worsen over time if left unaddressed. Small cracks or shifts can lead to more significant problems, such as extensive structural damage, plumbing issues, or roof problems. Repairing the foundation early prevents these issues from escalating, saving you from costly repairs down the line.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency – Foundation problems can cause your Toronto home to become uneven, leading to gaps and misalignments in doors and windows. These gaps allow air leakage, making it difficult to maintain consistent indoor temperatures. By repairing your foundation, you can restore proper alignment, enhance insulation, and improve energy efficiency.
  • Peace of Mind – Dealing with foundation issues can be stressful for home and building owners in Toronto. The uncertainty about the safety and stability of your property can take a toll on you. Foundation repair provides reassurance and peace of mind, knowing that your property is secure and protected.

It is important to consult foundation repair experts if you see any signs of foundation damage or suspect that your foundation may be damaged. Talk to one of the foundation repair experts at Aquamaster & get 10% off and a free on-site estimate today!

Our Foundation Repair Services in Toronto

Depending on the extent of your foundation damage and specific problems our team will uncover during the initial inspection, we can help deliver foundation repair of any difficulty.
Remember, it is important to always consult foundation repair experts on what is the best way to address your foundation issues. Here are some of the services we most often deliver as a part of foundation repair in Toronto:
Cracked basement walls and cracked basement floors will almost 100% lead to water leaks or even worse. After the basement cracks are detected we can provide our foundation crack repair services. Foundation cracks will be injected with an epoxy resin solution that bonds the pieces of the concrete foundation together.
Foundation Crack Repair Cost in Toronto – $1,500-$3,200
Basement underpinning is a structural foundation repair technique that involves strengthening and stabilizing an existing foundation by extending its depth or breadth. It typically involves excavating beneath the existing foundation and adding new concrete or steel supports to reinforce the structure.
Underpinning is commonly used to increase the load-bearing capacity of the foundation, address foundation settlement, or allow for additional basement space. In some cases basement underpinning is used for basement floor-lowering purposes in Toronto.

Foundation Piering Mississauga

Foundation piering, also known as foundation underpinning, is a method used to stabilize and support a sinking or settling foundation. It involves installing steel piers deep into the ground beneath the foundation to transfer the weight of the structure to more stable soil or bedrock. The piers are driven or drilled into the ground until they reach a stable stratum, providing support and preventing further settlement of the foundation.
Pressure grouting is a technique used to strengthen and stabilize the soil or fill voids beneath a foundation. It involves injecting a cement-like grout mixture under pressure into the ground through boreholes or pipes. The grout fills gaps, compacts loose soil and improves its load-bearing capacity, providing additional support to the foundation and preventing further settlement or movement.
Cut-off walls are a construction technique used in foundation repair in Toronto to prevent water intrusion and stabilize the soil. They involve excavating a trench around the foundation and installing a vertical barrier, typically made of concrete or a waterproofing material.
This barrier blocks the flow of water into the foundation, reduces hydrostatic pressure, and helps maintain the stability of the soil, effectively repairing and protecting the foundation from water-related damage.
Sinking concrete is commonly caused by soil settlement, inadequate soil compaction, or poor drainage, which can impact the stability of the foundation. Addressing the sinking concrete typically involves addressing the underlying foundation problems to ensure long-term stability and prevent further damage.

Bowing Wall Repairs

Bowing walls refer to walls that have developed a noticeable inward or outward curve. This condition is typically caused by excessive soil pressure, poor drainage, or hydrostatic pressure against the foundation. Bowing walls can be a sign of foundation problems and should be addressed promptly to prevent further structural damage or potential collapse.
Sticking windows and doors can be related to foundation damage as the shifting or settling of the foundation can cause misalignment of the frames. This misalignment can result in doors and windows becoming difficult to open or close smoothly. It is a common symptom of foundation issues and should be addressed to ensure the stability and functionality of the structure.
The team at Aquamaster in Toronto can help design and execute a foundation repair solution specific to your property.

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