5 Easy Ways to Fix a Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is a serious headache and problem in the home. It can make the kitchen and bathroom unusable until it is fixed. Besides, the residue that a clogged drain leaves behind can have a lousy smell and create all kinds of other problems.

However, it is expedient to know the causes of a clogged drain and the problems or potential problems it can create in order to prevent its re-occurrence after learning the “5 Easy Ways to Fix a Clogged Drain.”

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Here are 5 easy ways to fix a clogged drain without any hassles:

1. Vinegar and Baking Soda

These are everyday items you can find in your kitchen cabinet. You can fix a clogged drain using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda 125ml each into the plughole of the bathroom drain or kitchen sink. Allow the mixture to sit overnight and flush with hot water. The mixture will dislodge the grime of the pipe and the clogging.

2. Caustic Soda

Another easy fix to a clogged drain is caustic soda. Meanwhile, wear rubber gloves and nose cover to avoid chemical burns and strong fumes from the chemical. Pour the mixture into the clogged drain and wait for about 30 minutes before you flush the drain with boiling water. If necessary, repeat the process.

3. Salt and Baking Soda

If your drain is clogged, mix salt with baking soda, half a cup each, and pour the mixture down the drain. Allow the mixture to rest for 30 minutes and flush with boiling water. The mix with boiling water will create a chemical reaction that will dissolve stubborn blockage rusty causes a clogged drain.

4. Salt and Boiling Water

To apply this solution, remove standing water from your sink to have access to the plug hole. Pour half a cup of table salt down the drain and leave it for about 10 minutes before you flush it with boiling water.

5. Dish Detergent and Boiling Water

This is another easy way to fix a clogged drain caused by oily or greasy residue. Mix a quarter cup of dish detergent with hot water and pour down the drain.

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