Benefits of Having Rough-Ins Installed in Your Basement

Renovating your basement is a big and costly step. Luckily enough, it is one of the biggest return on investment you can get from home renovation projects. Renovated and livable basements which have kitchens or bathrooms usually add value to the home because they provide an extra living space. This also gives you the opportunity to rent out your basement and if you do the project right, you can get some serious extra monthly income in your pockets. If your basement is old and unfinished, then you must consider doing rough-ins, basement waterproofing, window wells and pipe renovation.

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Here are the reasons why having rough-ins in your basement might be beneficial:

What is a Rough-In?

A rough-in is the first step to a finished and fully furnished basement. It is the bringing of all the lines like plumbing, electricity and ducts to a certain area of your home. While doing rough-ins you don’t connect those lines to the actual fixtures like toilets and sink; but rather you just bring them all in the space and make preparations for connecting each line.

Budget Friendly

Installing the rough ins is great if you are planning to renovate the basement, but don’t have the necessary budget for it. You can separate a smaller amount, do the rough-in and wait to save enough money for the next step. Rough-ins can sit like that for years and it can’t do you any harm to make your renovation process move more slowly and smoothly. Spending smaller amounts of cash in a bigger time interval is always better than spending all of it at once.

Various Contractors

To have a rough-in, it requires a lot of various hand work. It is a process which depends on the professionalism of different types of trade men. To have rough-ins you have to involve a carpenter, a plumber, an electrician and so on. This can be very beneficial if you know how to use it properly. With having all types of contractors in your home, you can start looking at it from various perspectives and find out more about its problems or good selling points. You get to consult three or more types of experts at once.

Future Investment

With having rough-ins you are taking an oath to renovate your basement. It teaches you discipline and you have a constant motivational reminder to work more for a better basement. Having a kitchen or a bathroom in your basement isn’t a joke. Those kinds of things are major home value increasers; as you can rent the place out or make it an amazing guest room. Renovating a basement is a great way to add additional home space if you have propriety or zone restrictions.

You should also consider that basements are great emergency exits or hide out places. So having a neat and classy one, can’t do you any harm.

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