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What Damage Can a Leaky Gutter Cause?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to their gutters and this is completely understandable. But, as soon as they find out about the possible damages, they clean the gutters 5 times more than necessary.

Having a leaky gutter can lead to many dangerous things, but before we begin listing the damages, we should mention the causes and the signs. Here is what you should know:

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How do Leaks Happen?

Having leaky gutters can be a result of many things. The most common situation is when the gutters get clogged. When this happens, water cannot travel freely through the gutters but is stuck in one place, causing leaks and spills all over the roof and backyard.

To avoid this, clean the gutters 2 times a year and after each storm. This will reduce risks of massive clogs made from leaves and other debris. Animals and pesticides build nests in your gutters, also blocking the water’s pathway.

The second common scenario is when the gutters reach their age limit. As time moves along, gutters, especially plastic ones, wear, tear and crack. If you live in a tough climate, this will happen much faster since difficult storms can crack the gutters as well.

Signs of Leaky Gutters

Another useful thing you should know is how to recognize that your gutters are leaking. In some situations, this is more than obvious since water will fall on the ground in large splashes. In other situations, the leaks are small and barely noticeable. However, these small leaks can develop in larger ones if you don’t fix the problem ASAP. Here is where to look:

  • Rot and mildew in the attic

  • Stains on siding and slab

  • Moisty basements

  • Broken or damaged shingles

  • Leaks on the ceilings

Some of these signs may signify other problems and can be solved by other methods such as basement waterproofing, but if you notice one of the signs, make sure to immediately inspect the gutters and check if they are causing the problem. Go through every inch and remove dirt and debris in the process.

The Unavoidable Damage

The main task gutters have is to gather rainwater and transport it far away from your home, protecting your roof and foundation walls. When they are facing a tough time, the drainage which they provide is nonexistent, causing more harm than good. Here is what can happen:

  • Roof damage – Leaky gutters enable water to put pressure on the roof shingles, creating cracks and leaks.

  • Attic issues – After the water has done its damage to the roof, it will start ruining the attic

  • Rotten wood – whether in the garden or backyard, leaks will eventually cause wood to rot

  • Damaged foundation – large water splashes will fall directly next to your basement, putting pressure on foundation walls and eventually cracking them

  • Basement floods – Leaky gutters + no basement waterproofing = disaster

  • Detachment – Damaged by cracks and debris, gutters can break and detach

  • Soil erosion and damaged plant life in the garden – Too much water is bad for plants

  • Swollen or severely damaged siding

  • Ruined deck and patio – Water from the gutter leaks will fall on your deck in large quantities, damaging every wood it can find.

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