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What is KITEC Plumbing?

Updated: Jul 24

We humans always like cheaper alternatives, and in the world of plumbing, we often strive to find the best and cost-effective way to ensure that water is provided to parts of our home without having to break the bank buying expensive plumbing materials.

In the search to discover an effective and cheaper way to keep water flowing in our homes, KITEC plumbing was found and introduced in Canada in the year 1995. Fast-forward to the year 2007, the use of KITEC plumbing ceased.

KITEC Plumbing

KITEC was regarded as the most popular brand it was sold under, but other brands were used as well, and they are listed below:

  • AmbioComfort

  • AQUA

  • KERR Controls

  • IPEX

  • Plomberie Amelioree

  • PlumbBetter

  • WarmRite

  • XPA

Plumbers saw KITEC as a nice plumbing system for several reasons because it was a cheaper alternative to copper, it was quite easy to install, and it was flexible. The pipes were created from polyethylene with a slim layer of aluminum. The KITEC plumbing system comes in two flexible and brass piping systems, namely: orange and blue. Aside from the orange and blue pipes, you can as well identify KITEC plumbing by the brass fittings which usually comes with stamps like:


  • KTC

  • CSA B137.9/10

  • ATSM F1974

If you have KITEC plumbing in your home, you may notice a yellow sticker inside the electric panel of your door. These stickers read: “Caution: This building has non-metallic interior water piping.” Metal piping is usually used as an electric ground, but KITEC pipes, which are made of polyethylene, cannot be utilized as ground.

KITEC plumbing was used for several purposes, such as piping for drinking water, as wells for underground heating systems, including hot water baseboard heaters. Because KITEC pipes are very prone to corrosion, KITEC plumbing is no longer being utilized.

How Does KITEC Plumbing Work?

The blue pipes move cold water while the orange pipes move hot water around the home. The orange pipes can also be utilized in radiant heating systems. KITEC pipes are made from polyethylene and a slender inner layer of aluminum. With the aid of brass fittings, the pipes are merged.

Some Facts About KITEC

  • Used as plumbing and heating piping in the United States and Canada between 1995 and 2007

  • Can be identified by blue or orange colour and the tag ASTM 1281

  • The use of KITEC plumbing ceased in the year 2005 because of some failure of pipes and fittings; this leads to terrible water damage for homeowners

  • KITEC plumbing can be replaced, and the cost to do this depends on the size of the house. The normal cost for KITEC pipe replacement and removal is $2,000 and above

KITEC plumbing is prone to some defects that could cost you money because it could lead to damages like pipe leakage and a pipe burst. If the water in your home still runs through KITEC pipes, you should consider KITEC pipe replacement and removal to avoid any damage that would cost you a huge amount of money. Contact a plumber to know if your home has KITEC and take the necessary steps if you find out that it does.

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