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Welcome to Aquamaster. One of the leading plumbing and waterproofing companies servicing Toronto, GTA and all of Southern Ontario. Our services under this section include trenchless pipe replacement (also known as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) or pipe torpedoing), burst pipe repairs, sewer cleaning, and more.
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Why you Need Trenchless Pipe Replacement?

Trenchless Pipe Replacement Services

A sewer main connects the city’s main sewer line to your home and is completely underground. As this line often runs below lawns, gardens, patios or driveways, repairs are difficult and labor-intensive.
Once you’ve determined that your drain problems are more complicated than a simple cleaning, it’s easy to panic and envision your beautiful landscaping torn up and giant trenches snaking across your yard.
Good News! – Aquamaster Drain, Plumbing and Waterproofing, Inc. is skilled in the latest state-of-the-art trenchless pipe replacement methods.
How Trenchless Pipe Replacement Works?

What is Sewer Lining?

Also known as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP), sewer lining is a trenchless alternative to complete pipe replacement. A pipe is created inside the existing pipe with epoxy resins to restore its structural integrity. This method has been proven effective for over 25 years and causes little damage to landscaping or property.
This method can be used for small sections or the entire length of pipe.
A sewer camera is used to troubleshoot your specific problem and formulate a solution. Next, the pipe must be cleaned to remove all roots and build-up. Water jetting or pneumatic tools will be used to restore the pipe to its original diameter. Once cleaned, the lining process can begin.
The lining is cut to the length needed, a two-part epoxy is mixed and poured into the felt liner. The liner is then pulled into the existing pipe and a bladder is inflated to hold the liner in place for curing. Once the epoxy lining has completely hardened, the bladder is removed and a seamless pipe within a pipe is formed. This smooth, hard surface prevents calcification deposits from sticking and root intrusion.
Other Options for Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Pipe Bursting, Directional
Drilling & Horizontal Boring

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is, just as its name suggests, a trenchless process that breaks apart the old pipe and replaces it with a seamless high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. HDPE pipe is extremely strong but can be cut to size with carbide-tipped blades. It is exceptionally resistant to impact, abrasion, corrosion and root infiltration and will provide many years of trouble-free drainage.
Similar to sewer lining, pipe bursting can be used in large or small jobs. A sewer camera will again be used to determine what sections need replacement. To access the sewer line, two small holes are made at both ends of the pipe section. A cone-shaped bursting head is attached to a cable, pulled through the old sewer line and simultaneously breaks the old pipe while pulling in a new pipe. The end result is a high-quality pipe replacement without the expense or disruption of excavation.

Directional Drilling & Horizontal Boring

Directional drilling is a third option for trenchless pipe replacement that is both cost-effective and time-saving. A new sewer line can be installed with no existing pipe or re-directed to replace damaged or non-functioning pipe.
A pilot hole is prepared by inserting a horizontal boring head and hollow pipe into the ground at an angle. As the drilling area extends further underground, additional pipe sections are added to complete the pilot hole. At the end of the run, a reamer is attached and pulled back through the opening to expand it 25 percent larger than the pipe to be used. The new pipe is then pulled through the space created and connected at both ends. This innovative trenchless process saves significant time from previous methods and therefore, also saves on the cost.

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