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Backwater Valve Installation Toronto & Southern Ontario

Expert Backwater Valve Installation, Toronto & Beyond

Backwater Valve Installation is a popular service in Toronto, Mississauga and multiple other locations throughout Ontario. It helps prevent sewage backup into your property. At Aquamaster Waterproofing & Plumbing we can help install various backflow prevention devices – backflow preventers, backwater valve installation & more.

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Backwater Valve Installation Process Toronto GTA and Ontario

Backwater Valves Installation Toronto & GTA

What is Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve, also known as a backflow prevention valve or a sewer backup valve, is a mechanical device installed in a plumbing system to prevent the reverse flow of sewage or wastewater into a building. It is typically installed in the main sewer line where it connects to the building's plumbing system.

The purpose of a backwater valve is to protect a property from sewage backups that can occur during heavy rainstorms or when there is a blockage in the municipal sewer system. When there is excess water or pressure in the sewer line, the valve automatically closes to prevent sewage from flowing back into the building.


How Backwater Valve Works?

What to Expect from Backwater Valve?

Backwater valve installation is important to prevent sewer backup problems.

A backwater valve works by using a flap or gate mechanism to prevent the reverse flow of sewage or wastewater into a building. Here's a general overview of how a backwater valve operates:


  1. Installation - a backwater valve is typically installed in the main sewer line where it connects to the building's plumbing system. It is placed downstream from the point where wastewater leaves the building.

  2. Normal Flow - During normal conditions, when wastewater flows out of the building, the backwater valve remains open. The flap or gate is in a vertical position, allowing the wastewater to pass through and continue on its path to the municipal sewer system.

  3. Backflow Prevention - when there is a surge in water volume or pressure in the sewer line, such as during heavy rain or a blockage in the municipal sewer system, the backwater valve responds to prevent the reverse flow of sewage. The increased water pressure causes the flap or gate mechanism to close, effectively sealing the valve.

  4. Valve Closure - as the flap or gate closes, it creates a barrier that prevents sewage or wastewater from flowing back into the building. This protects the property from potential damage, contamination, and health hazards associated with sewage backups.

  5. Automatic Reset - once the excess water volume or pressure subsides, the backwater valve automatically opens again. The flap or gate returns to its vertical position, allowing normal wastewater flow to resume.


With that said, backwater valves are different. For example, some backwater valves may include a manual override feature. This allows the valve to be temporarily locked in the closed position for maintenance or cleaning purposes. However, the valve is typically designed to function automatically without the need for manual intervention under normal conditions.


Regular maintenance of the backwater valve is essential to ensure its proper functioning. This may involve inspecting the valve periodically, cleaning any debris or obstructions, and testing its operation to verify that it is working effectively.

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How Backwater Valve Works

Benefits of Backwater Valve Installation Toronto

Backwater valve installation brings a number of benefits to the property owners in Toronto & beyond. Here is a couple of examples:


  • Prevents Contamination - backflow can introduce contaminated water, sewage, or harmful substances into the potable water supply. This poses a significant health risk to consumers who rely on clean water for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene. By preventing backflow, the risk of waterborne diseases and contamination is minimized.

  • Property Protection - backflow can cause significant damage to property. When sewage or wastewater flows back into a building, it can result in costly repairs, structural damage, and the need for extensive cleanup. Backflow prevention helps safeguard the integrity of the plumbing system and prevents potential damage to the property.

  • Environmental Protection - backflow can lead to the discharge of pollutants, chemicals, or sewage into the environment. This can negatively impact water bodies, soil quality, and ecosystems. By preventing backflow, the risk of environmental contamination is reduced, promoting a healthier and cleaner environment.

  • Regulation Compliance – some provinces require buildings to have backwater valves installed.


There is more. When working with professional backwater valve installers from Aquamaster, you can expect help with choosing the right backwater valve, proper backwater valve installation services, as well as advice on the right backwater valve rebates & incentives.


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