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Basement Waterproofing Innisfil

Leak Repairs & Prevention for Wet & Leaky Basements

Welcome to Aquamaster Basement Waterproofing Innisfil, operating since 2009 our company has earned the Best of Waterproofing award three years in a row. What sets us apart is the quality workmanship, waterproofing materials we use, flexible pricing options, as well as years of experience in the industry.


Our services range from simple basement leak repairs & foundation crack repairs to interior & exterior basement waterproofing, basement underpinning, weeping tile installations, sump pump installations, as well as foundation repairs of any difficulty, and more.


But any service starts with a FREE on-site estimate, talk to one of our experts today!

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Popular Waterproofing Solutions in Innisfil

Full Spectrum of Basement Waterproofing Services

Infographics showing what problems basement waterproofing services can solve - basement leaks, wet walls, floor, water seepage and more

Basement waterproofing projects can include a range of services to repair & prevent different kinds of wet basement problems. Our team can design a basement waterproofing solution that will be ideal for your budget, and waterproofing goals. Here is a couple of services that we commonly deliver as a part of basement waterproofing Innisfil.

Example of Exterior Basement Waterproofing Project in Toronto, near CN Tower

Exterior waterproofing service is a construction or renovation process designed to prevent water from infiltrating a building's foundation or basement by applying protective measures to the exterior surfaces of the foundation walls and surrounding soil. This is one of the most popular waterproofing services in Innisfil. This method aims to create a barrier that effectively keeps water away from the foundation, ensuring the interior of the building remains dry and free from moisture-related issues.

Exterior Waterproofing Cost - $100-$300/linear foot

Basement Underpinning Project in Progress near Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto

Basement underpinning is a construction technique used to strengthen or extend the foundation of an existing building, particularly in situations where the current foundation is inadequate, deteriorating, or when homeowners want to increase the basement's ceiling height or create additional living space below ground. This service is typically carried out by experienced contractors or structural engineers. Learn more about basement underpinning services in our guide.

Basement Underpinning Cost - $85-$450 per linear foot

Waterproofing Contractor Installing a Window Well

Window well installation is a service provided to enhance the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of basement windows by creating a well or enclosure around them. Window wells are typically constructed below ground level, and they allow natural light and ventilation into basement spaces while also providing a means of emergency egress.

Window Well Installation Cost - $1,600-$4,000

Plumbing Rough Ins Installed in the Basement

Plumbing rough-in is the initial phase of installing plumbing systems in a building under construction or renovation before the walls, ceilings, and floors are finished. During this phase, the plumbing infrastructure is installed and configured to prepare for the final connections to fixtures, appliances, and water supply and drainage systems.

Example of Interior Basement Waterproofing Project

Internal waterproofing is a method of managing water that has already made it to your basement. As a part of interior waterproofing, our team will apply a waterproofing membrane to the interior walls of your basement. The membrane will direct water to the drainage system and once water hits a certain level, the sump pump will push the water outside your basement via a discharge line. This method of waterproofing is usually more affordable compared to exterior waterproofing but requires maintenance that will eventually drive the cost up.

Interior Waterproofing Cost - $70-$350/linear foot

Basement Wall Crack Repair in Progress

Foundation cracks can develop for various reasons, and they are a common issue in many buildings. These cracks can vary in size, orientation, and severity, and their presence may indicate underlying structural problems or simply be a result of natural settling or minor stress on the foundation. This is where foundation repair services of various difficulties may be needed. 

Foundation Crack Repair Cost - $1,500-$3,200


Before repairing basement leaks, our team will identify the source. Detecting and repairing basement leaks is essential to prevent water damage, mold growth, and structural issues. Basement leak detection will be performed via visual inspection, water testing, and thermal imaging of another technique. Once the source of the leak is identified, we will deliver the repair accordingly.

Waterproofing Contractors installing a weeping tile in front of CN Tower

A French drain, also known as a French ditch, or a weeping tyle, is a drainage system designed to redirect excess water away from a specific area to prevent waterlogging, flooding, or damage to structures and landscaping. It is a trench filled with a combination of gravel or rock and a perforated pipe that allows water to flow through it and be carried away from the area where it's not wanted. This is a part of interior and exterior basement waterproofing, and can also be used in landscaping or when installing window wells.

Sump Pump Installation and Battery Backup Replacement Example

Sump pump installation service involves the installation of a sump pump system in a building's basement or crawl space to effectively manage and remove excess groundwater or water that may accumulate in a sump pit or basin. Sump pumps are essential components of many waterproofing and drainage systems and play a crucial role in preventing water damage and maintaining a dry interior space.

Sump Pump Installation Cost - $500-$3,600

Installation of Backwater Valve or a Backflow Preventer

A backwater valve, also known as a backflow preventer or sewage check valve, is a plumbing device designed to prevent unwanted sewage or wastewater from flowing back into a building's plumbing system. It is particularly useful in areas prone to flooding or sewer system backups.

A waterproofer sealing the crawlspace of a building

Crawlspace encapsulation is a comprehensive waterproofing and moisture control technique used to seal and protect the crawl space beneath a building. This process involves creating a vapor barrier or encapsulating the entire crawlspace to prevent moisture from entering. Crawlspace conversion is a construction and renovation process that involves transforming an existing crawl space beneath a building into a more usable and functional living or storage space. Both services - crawlspace encapsulation & conversion are popular in Innisfil.

Example of Basement Walkout

Basement walkout construction involves creating an exterior access point from a basement to the outside of a building, often at or below ground level. This access point is typically in the form of a door and a set of stairs leading up from the basement.

Aquamaster-Team copy-min.jpg

Signs of Wet, Damp & Leaky Basement Problems

Common Signs that you Need Basement Waterproofing Services

Basement waterproofing services can help prevent basement leaks, as well as repair various kinds of wet, damp and leaky basement problems.


Basement Waterproofing is best used to prevent basement leaks. However, you should contact basement waterproofing professionals as soon as you see the first signs of water leaks. Here a couple of the most common signs of wet basement problems that we see in Innisfil:

  • Basement wall and floor leaks

  • Water pooling on the basement floor

  • Peeling paint

  • Wet or damp basement walls or floors

  • Damp smell in the basement

  • Other air quality issues


Also, watch for water pooling against basement walls, wet patches on the ground, as this can help spot potential basement leaks before they happen.


Talk to our waterproofing contractors to discuss the best approach to prevent & repair basement leaks in your basement. Book a free estimate today!


Cost of Waterproofing in Innisfil

$70-$350 per linear foot is the typical range of basement waterproofing cost. An average price of basement waterproofing is often at $100 per linear foot. Our waterproofing contractors will consider the size of the basement, the extent of water damage, and other factors to estimate the cost for your waterproofing project. The total cost of basement waterproofing ranges from $1,000 to $50,000+ (exterior waterproofing). Book a free estimate to get the price for waterproofing your basement.

About Cost


Waterproofing Project Durations

You can expect your basement waterproofing project to take anywhere from 1 day to 2+ weeks.  Smaller projects like Basement Wall Crack Repairs typically take 1 day to complete. Interior Basement Waterproofing and Exterior Basement Waterproofing projects can also take from 1 day to 2 weeks, Crawlspace Encapsulation - from 3 to 10 days, while Basement Walkouts, Basement Underpinning, and Bench Footing projects typically take 4-5 weeks.

About Timelines


Basement Waterproofing Products

Popular Basement Waterproofing Materials in Innisfil

The secret of long-lasting basement waterproofing solutions is in our process, but also in the top-notch materials we use. From waterproofing membranes to the right gravel, you can expect Aquamaster Waterproofing to use the best materials.


Some of the most popular basement waterproofing products in the Innisfil area include Bakor 990-06 yellow Jacket Fibre Mesh, Aqua Bloc liquid waterproofing membranes, DMX Drain, Parging Mix, Delta MS Air Gap, top-quality 3/4 inch limestone gravel, and more.

Our waterproofing materials are designed to offer long-lasting protection for your property. Quality materials, special waterproofing process and quality workmanship allow us to offer a 25-year warranty to our clients.

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