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Basement Waterproofing Materials

Basement Waterproofing 

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Waterproofing Products

DMX Air Gap

Aqua Bloc 720-38 HYDRO GUARD is the ultimate protection from mold, mildew and moisture. Made from recycled plastic, this top quality moisture barrier is used to cover concrete walls, preventing water from entering your home.

After the membrane is attached to the foundation, a horizontal plastic strip will be added to make sure the water doesn’t get trapped between the membrane and the foundation wall.

Once the process is complete, our team will add weeping tiles to the trench, so the basement waterproofing process can move towards completion.

This membrane has a number of benefits for basement protection:

- Directs water away

- Outlasts some other waterproofing materials (EPA rated 300 years)

- Unaffected by cracks – a protective layer independent of the structure

- Fast to install – can be installed in one day or less

DMX Air Gap

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