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Drain Camera Inspection Toronto & GTA

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Welcome to Aquamaster. If you are looking for drain camera inspection or sewer camera inspection done right, you've come to the right place. 

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Drain Camera Inspection Company Toronto

Why you Drain Camera Inspection?

For years, determining what was causing plumbing problems in underground drain pipes and sewer lines was a major, expensive job. Excavation to expose the pipe, cutting of pipe sections to find the blockage and possibly replacement of entire drain sections were the only diagnostic and corrective methods available to homeowners. Luckily, with today’s technological advances, other cost-effective means are available such as drain camera inspection and pipe locating.

Drain Camera Inspection Service - How it Works?

What Drain Camera Inspection can Help Discover?

Aquamaster Drain, Plumbing & Waterproofing, Inc. plumbing experts use a high-resolution video camera that is attached to a flexible fiber optic cable and inserted into a pipe for real-time visual inspection. The waterproof camera has a bright lighting system attached for clear imagery and examination. The closed circuit television camera (CCTV) will identify any damage or obstructions to the pipe such as:

  • Breaks, cracks, or cave-ins that require replacement or repair.

  • Misalignment due to ground settling, shifts or freezing.

  • Tree root infiltration.

  • Grease build-up or another blockage.

  • Seal leaks between sections.

  • Deterioration or corrosion restricting water flow.

  • Sagging sections that cause paper and waste to collect and block water flow.

  • Substandard or outdated corroding material.

Conserving water, energy and money can be achieved by keeping your plumbing system working efficiently. Slow or continuously clogged drains are not normal and should not be ignored. Even small drain leaks can waste 3,000 gallons of water annually. The small plumbing camera can provide a non-destructive method for inspecting the entire length of your plumbing system, find current problem areas, and even identifying potential issues you may not have found until it was too late.

Color details of the inside of your plumbing system appear in real time for expert inspection. Each session is recorded and documented with a diagnosis and plan of action. Plumbers can even isolate the exact location and depth of the problem with this new breakthrough technology; making the process both time- and cost-effective. A visual inspection can also be helpful in recovering treasured items such as jewelry that have been accidentally lost down the drain. Technicians can determine the precise location of the lost item to facilitate recovery.

Drain Camera Inspection Toronto

Benefits of Drain Inspection with Camera?

Routine drain camera inspection of both old and new systems can provide benefits:

  • Provide a benchmark for future inspections and comparison.

  • Monitor potential problem areas and repair in a timely and appropriate manner.

  • When included as part of a new home inspection, it can provide peace of mind prior to purchase.

  • Provide a permanent record for increased home sale value in the future.

In-line camera inspections can provide emergency repairs, lost item recovery and peace of mind for a trouble-free plumbing system.


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Aquamaster team is proudly serving multiple locations in Toronto, GTA and multiple locations in Sothern Ontario.


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What Our Clients Say?


Stephanie G.

Residential Client

I used Aquamaster for two separate home waterproofing projects and I was extremely satasified with their work and price. Their team are highly skilled, thorough and were able to complete the 10.5 hour job in one day. They were even kind enough to seal my window frame after I noticed a minor leak. I would highly recommend Aquamaster for all your waterproofing and plumbing needs.

The Aquamaster team is absolutely fantastic! They went above and beyond to diagnose and correct the problem that I had with my basement plumbing caused by old pipes and persistent tree roots. I used them once in 2012 and in 2020. I cannot say enough good things about this team - Highly recommend.


Felicia F.

Residential Client


Chris D.

Residential Client

Aqua Master quoted me a very fair price for waterproofing and finshed the job ahead of schedule. We haven't had any water issues in our post-war hm since then. Highly recommend this business for its professionalism and quality of work. Hire with confidence!

How it Works?


Discovery Call

Connect with one of our certified experts, so we can advise on the best way to approach your project.


On-Site Survey

More complex projects require on-site surveys, where a certified Technician will provide a no-obligation estimate.



We sign a contract that outlines details of your project.



We do the work, you get peace of mind and a 25-year transferable warranty.

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