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5 Ways to Prevent Water Seepage in Your Basement

Updated: Jul 10

Water seeping into your home from anywhere is one of the most dreadful issues for homeowners. Whether subtle water seepage or full basement flooding, no homeowner feels comfortable knowing that water is damaging their home and belongings. The best way to ensure that water doesn’t penetrate your basement is to take pre-emptive steps to stop it.

To help you prevent water from seeping into your basement, we have asked some of our technicians to share their top tips in preventing water seepage. Below are their top 5 responses.

1. Adding Gutter Extensions

Most incidences of water seepage or basement flooding are caused by rainwater run-off falling to the home’s foundation or basement footing. To prevent this menace, add gutter extensions that direct the water that collects off your roofing at least five feet away from the house or foundation. This will cause rainwater coming from the roof to flow away from your home versus puddling around your foundation, reducing the possibility of the water penetrating into your basement.

2. Sealing Cracks and Gaps

Another way to promote basement waterproofing is sealing any gaps or cracks in your basement walls. Regardless of the sizes of the gaps, cracks, or holes, water will find a way to make it through these cracks and gaps. Check the joints where your foundation walls and basement floor meet and around basement windows for signs of cracks, gaps, and holes. Sealing these areas will help protect your basement against flooding.

3. Repairing Footing Drains

To ensure basement waterproofing and prevent water seepage in your basement, repair the footing Drains in your basement. The lower parts of the walls and the beams where floors and walls meet are usually the culprits for water seepage in the basement. Check the footing Drains where underground pipes are installed and where water is carried away from the home. Remove any clogs in the drains and ensure that the pipes are clear to allow water to pass through.

4. Reshaping the Slope of Your Yard

A helpful tip in keeping your basement dry is to reshape the landscape around your home. If the grading tilts towards your home, it will direct water to your home and cause it to pool around your foundation as it will not allow for the water to flow away from your home. You can help prevent water from flowing towards your home and eventually seeping into your basement by reshaping your yards so that it slopes away from your home.

5. Basement Waterproofing

If you want to prevent water from entering your basement, you can always turn to an expert to waterproof your basement. A comprehensive basement waterproofing project will include installing a waterproof barrier either on the external or internal side of your foundation walls, sealing cracks and holes, and installing weeping tile to pull groundwater away from your home. This is by far the best way to prevent basement flooding and water seepage.

The above are 5 ways to help prevent water from seeping into your basement and causing damage. Investing in basement waterproofing will provide you with peace of mind that your home is protected.

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