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Sump Pump Discharge Line Installation & Repair Toronto, GTA & Beyond

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Aquamaster has been preventing water leaks since 2009. Sump pump discharge line installation is one of the important services in Toronto, GTA, and Southern Ontario. The sump pump drainage can make or break the work of your sump pump system. Our team can help install sump pump discharge lines, clean sump pump discharge line clogs, repair frozen discharge line,s and more.


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Sump Pump Drainage System Definition

What is Sump Pump Discharge Line?

Sump pump discharge line is a drainage system that connects your sump pump outside to a Storm, or a Foundation Sewer Service etc. A well-designed sump pump discharge line is the key to preventing clogs & ensuring your system works without interruption.


Sump pump discharge line can be installed above the ground or buried under the ground.


Common Sump Pump Discharge Line Repairs Toronto

What are the Common Problems with Sump Pump Discharge Lines?

The sump pump discharge system has to be designed properly. Arguably, it is one of the most important elements of the sump pump system. A clogged discharge line will lead to water not finding it’s exit from your basement and as a result, flooding the basement or otherwise damaging your property.


It is important to hire a specialist for sump pump discharge line installation as this will help prevent potential problems that can cause sump pump overflowing,  basement floods, and property damage. Here are a couple of sump pump discharge issues we see most often in Toronto, GTA & Southern Ontario:


  • Frozen Sump Pump Discharge Line – a common problem in colder climates like Toronto’s. Frozen discharge lines can be a significant concern. If the discharge line is not properly insulated or buried below the frost line, water in the line can freeze, leading to blockages and potentially causing the pump to malfunction or the pipe to burst.

  • Clogged Sump Pump Discharge Line – sump pump discharge lines can become clogged over time. Debris such as dirt, leaves, or small rocks may enter the line, obstructing the flow of water. If not addressed promptly, clogs can lead to pump failure or water backup in the sump pit.

  • Animals in Sump Pump – small animals like mice and squirrels can live in your drainage system if the sump pump discharge line outlet is not protected properly.

  • Discharge Pipe Size - it's important to ensure that the discharge pipe is adequately sized for the pump's capacity. If the pipe is too small, it can restrict water flow and cause the pump to work harder, potentially leading to premature wear and failure.

  • Water not Discharged Properly – if the sump pump discharge line outlet is located too close to the foundation of your home it can accumulate around the foundation and cause the wet basement problems to get worse. It can also cause water to accumulate on the surface around the discharge line outlet.

  • Water Flowing Back to the Sump Pump – often happens due to the lack of a check valve. The valve is typically installed in the discharge line to prevent water from flowing back into the sump pit after the pump shuts off. If a check valve is missing or fails to function correctly, water can return to the sump pit, causing the pump to cycle unnecessarily and increasing the risk of pump wear.

  • Corrosion & deterioration - over time, sump pump discharge lines may experience corrosion or deterioration due to the constant exposure to water, especially if the pipe material is not resistant to these effects. Corrosion can lead to leaks or pipe failure, necessitating repairs or replacement.

  • Discharge line back-pitch - if the discharge line is not properly sloped away from the sump pump, water may accumulate in certain sections, leading to stagnant water, potential clogs, or even a backflow into the sump pit.


Sump pumps are NOT set & forget. It is important to ensure regular maintenance and inspection of the sump pump, including the discharge line can help identify and address these problems before they cause significant issues.


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Sump pump drainage system infographics

Common Elements of a Sump Pump Drainage System

What is Included in Sump Pump Discharge System?

A sump pump discharge system typically includes several components that work together to effectively drain water from the sump pit and direct it away from the property. Here are the main elements commonly found in a sump pump discharge system:


  • Sump Pump - the sump pump itself is the primary component of the system. It is typically installed in a sump pit or basin located in the lowest part of the basement or crawl space. The pump is responsible for removing water from the pit and pumping it out through the discharge pipe.

  • Discharge Pipe - the discharge pipe is a rigid or flexible pipe that connects to the sump pump and carries the water away from the sump pit. It extends vertically or horizontally depending on the installation and terminates at a suitable location outside the property.

  • Check Valve – a check valve is usually installed in the discharge pipe near the sump pump. Its purpose is to prevent water from flowing back into the sump pit after the pump shuts off. The check valve ensures that water only flows in one direction, away from the sump pit.

  • Discharge Line Extension - in some cases, a discharge line extension may be necessary to redirect water further away from the property. This extension can be a section of additional pipe that is connected to the existing discharge pipe and directs the water to a more suitable termination point.

  • Termination Point - the termination point is the location where the discharge pipe releases the water. It should be positioned far from the house, in a way that directs the water away from the foundation of the house to prevent water from flowing back into the basement or crawl space. For example, sending it downhill away from your property.

  • Bubbler Pot or Dry Well - in certain situations where a suitable termination point is not readily available, a bubbler pot or dry well may be employed. These are underground structures designed to collect and disperse water gradually into the surrounding soil to avoid water pooling or erosion.

  • Backflow Prevention – depending on local regulations or specific needs, a backflow prevention device may be installed in the discharge system. This device helps prevent the reverse flow of water into the discharge pipe, which can occur during heavy rainfall or sewage backup events.


It's important to note that the exact configuration of a sump pump discharge system may vary based on factors such as local building codes, the specific needs of the property, and the type of sump pump being used.

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