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Welcome to Aquamaster, one of the leading companies providing basement underpinning services Toronto, GTA and Southern Ontario. Our services range from simple foundation repairs (like wall & floor crack repairs) to complex projects like basement underpinning and basement floor lowering.


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Is Basement Underpinning the same as Floor Lowering?

What is Basement Underpinning?

Basement underpinning (also known as basement floor lowering) is a method used to strengthen the foundation of a building.

The process involves digging beneath the existing foundation and adding additional support to the foundation using various techniques such as installing new footings, pouring concrete, or adding steel beams.


Basement underpinning is typically performed in cases where the original foundation has weakened due to factors such as age, poor construction, or changes in soil conditions. It is a complex and expensive process that should only be undertaken by experienced professionals who have the necessary skills and equipment to carry out the work safely and effectively.


In addition, basement underpinning helps lower basement floor,  potentially making your basement ceilings higher and converting your basement into a quality living space.


If you are curious how this service can improve your home, get one of our basement waterproofing contractors on the phone today and discuss your objectives and how we can help you get there. Start with 10% off today!

Is Basement Underpinning the same as Floor Lowering?

What are the Benefits of Basement Underpinning?

In most cases, basement underpinning is a good investment. Here is a couple of benefits that basement underpinning brings to the table:


  • Increases structural stability - basement underpinning can increase the strength and stability of the foundation, ensuring the building can support a greater load and resist movement due to soil settlement or other factors.

  • Enhanced Safety - by strengthening the foundation, underpinning can help prevent the risk of structural failure, collapse, or other safety hazards.

  • Increases Property Value - basement underpinning can add value to a property by creating additional usable space, such as a basement apartment or recreation room, or by making it possible to add a new story to the building.

  • Creates Additional Living Space – basement underpinning involves basement floor lowering. This can turn your basement into a full living space.

  • Reduces Risk of Water Infiltration – oftentimes basement floor lowering is combined with basement waterproofing services. This can help reduce the risk of water infiltration and moisture-related damage.

  • Increases Lifespan of Foundation - with a stronger foundation and improved structural integrity, a building that has undergone basement underpinning can have a longer lifespan, requiring fewer repairs and maintenance over time.

Every basement underpinning project is different. Get one of our basement underpinning contractors on the phone today!

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What is the Process of Basement Underpinning?

Basement Underpinning - How it Works?

There are several steps in the process of underpinning and we handle all of the details during each stage of the project. Before any work actually gets underway, new floor plans and structural modifications must be documented with a new floor plan.

Planning - the planning stage must include an engineer and architect. We have access to experienced engineers and architects that will work with you to plan your new space and apply for all of the proper permits to begin the work. Because underpinning requires moving and extending the load bearing walls under the house, having the right permits and municipal approval is a legal necessity.

Please note that no project will be carried out without the required permits and stamped architectural/engineering drawings.

Preparation - once the planning stage is completed, and the appropriate permits issued, preparations are made for the actual underpinning job. These preparations include rerouting the connections to your furnace so that heating pipes are out of way. Additionally, temporary support structures, including vertical jacks, have to be installed to ensure the structure of the house remains stable during the basement lowering construction.

Basement Underpinning (Floor Lowering) - The existing concrete floor has to be removed and the soil excavated to a proper elevation. Once that’s done, we are ready to proceed with the underpinning. The perimeter of the basement is divided into sections numbered 1, 2, and 3. First, sections # 1 are dug out, then filled with concrete, a two inch space must be left between the newly poured concrete and the original foundation, then this gap is filled with non-shrink grout. The same procedure is followed for sections # 2 and # 3.

Now that your new foundation walls are in place, old plumbing can be removed, and new plumbing put in its place. You will be provided with new plumbing rough-ins that will enable you to create your desired space. At this point we will install a reliable waterproofing system to make sure your basement stays dry, it consists of internal weeping tiles, a waterproofing membrane and a sump pump. To get ready for the pouring of the new concrete floor we evenly place four to six inches of gravel throughout the basement. Finally, a new concrete slab is poured. Once the concrete is dry, your new basement is ready to use!


Basement Floor Lowering - Where to Start?

How to Get Started?

  • Get in touch with Aquamaster Drain Plumbing & Waterproofing Inc. to book a free consultation.

  • We will provide you with an architect/engineer to obtain permits OR you may find one yourself.

  • The architect/engineer will obtain permits and will expedite them according to the client’s timeline.

  • Set the commencement date for the project.

If you are interested in basement underpinning, please get your 10% offer or reach out to us directly over the phone or through chat. Our team will be happy to discuss your project!

It is a complicated project that must be done properly to prevent damage to the rest of the house. The staff at Aquamaster has helped thousands of customers in Toronto and GTA to lower their basements to turn an unusable crawl space into a beautifully finished room.

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Stephanie G.

Residential Client

I used Aquamaster for two separate home waterproofing projects and I was extremely satasified with their work and price. Their team are highly skilled, thorough and were able to complete the 10.5 hour job in one day. They were even kind enough to seal my window frame after I noticed a minor leak. I would highly recommend Aquamaster for all your waterproofing and plumbing needs.

The Aquamaster team is absolutely fantastic! They went above and beyond to diagnose and correct the problem that I had with my basement plumbing caused by old pipes and persistent tree roots. I used them once in 2012 and in 2020. I cannot say enough good things about this team - Highly recommend.


Felicia F.

Residential Client


Chris D.

Residential Client

Aqua Master quoted me a very fair price for waterproofing and finshed the job ahead of schedule. We haven't had any water issues in our post-war hm since then. Highly recommend this business for its professionalism and quality of work. Hire with confidence!

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More complex projects require on-site surveys, where a certified Technician will provide a no-obligation estimate.



We sign a contract that outlines details of your project.



We do the work, you get peace of mind and a 25-year transferable warranty.

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