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Welcome to Aquamaster – your trusted source of bench footing Toronto. Our team has all the tools & expertise needed to lower the floors of your basement via bench footing or basement underpinning.


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One of Approaches to Basement Floor Lowering

What is Bench Footing?

Bench footing is a method of basement floor lowering, used to create additional space in your home. Bench footing is more cost-effective compared to other basement floor lowering approaches. That’s because unlike basement underpinning bench footing process does not involve making changes to the existing foundation walls.

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Results You Can Get with Bench Footing

When to get Basement Bench Footing Toronto?

Basement bench footing can bring a number of benefits to the table – from basement floor lowering to potentially strengthening the foundation of your property. Here is a couple of benefits our clients most often want to get from bench footing Toronto:


  • Basement Floor Lowering – one of the most common reasons to get bench footing services for your basement. In many cases, basements have pretty low floors. This makes them inconvenient to use. Bench footing solves this problem by lowering the floors.

  • Foundation Repairs – when your foundation is damaged, bench footing may be the right way to approach the repair. Our engineers can help evaluate the extent of the foundation damage and design the right solution to strengthen the foundation of your property for the years to come.

  • Increased Property Value – a big benefit. It is often cheaper to go for bench footing services compared to adding a floor to your house. Because your property will now have more space it is likely that prospects will be willing to pay more for it.

  • Improved Basement Usability – bench footing, combined with basement walkout construction can turn your basement into a real, stand-alone floor with its own entrance, windows, and ceiling of the same height as any other floor on your property.

  • Potentially Renting out Your Basement – bench footing can be a cost-effective way to lower basement floors in your house. This is one of the steps that you may need in order to potentially rent out your basement.


The list goes on. Make sure to consult experts on the best way to achieve your basement goals be it foundation strengthening or lowering the basement floors.


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Benefits of Bench Footing

Bench Footing Pros & Cons

​Benefits of Bench Footing:

  • Speed - Compared to basement underpinning, bench footing is less time consuming

  • Affordable - it is a more affordable method of basement floor lowering

  • Less excavation work will need to be done vs underpinning

  • No Foundation Impact - doesn’t involve modifications to existing foundation walls

  • Shared Walls - If you share walls with a neighbor who doesn’t want to dig under the foundation, bench footing may be the right option to lower the floor vs underpinning

Bench Footing Considerations:

  • Reduced Space - may reduce the amount of space in your basement

  • Crack Repairs - Doesn’t involve crack repairs

  • May not Add Value - In some case bench footing won’t add value to your property

Bench Footing Process

Bench Footing Process – What to Expect?


First, it is important to keep in mind that bench footing process will vary depending on the specifics of your property, objectives and other factors that impact your project. Here is a high-level example of a generic basement bench footing process.


  • Initial Assessment & Permits - a professional contractor, architect, and engineer will visit the site and conduct a thorough assessment of the existing structure, soil conditions, and the feasibility of the bench footing technique. Based on the assessment professional drawings will be created for the project. Basement footing involves structural work, that’s why city permits will be required in order to complete the work. This process can take up to a month to complete.

  • Excavation - the first step in bench footing is to excavate the existing basement floor. This is done systematically in sections or levels to create the desired depth and configuration. Excavation can be done manually or with the help of machinery, depending on the project requirements and site constraints.

  • Installation of Temporary Supports - as the excavation progresses, temporary supports such as shoring or underpinning are installed to ensure the stability of the existing structure. These supports help distribute the load and prevent any potential collapse or movement during the excavation process.

  • Construction of Bench Levels - once the initial excavation is complete, the contractor will construct the bench levels or steps within the excavated area. This involves creating horizontal platforms or benches at different depths to establish a new floor elevation. The dimensions and number of bench levels will depend on the specific project requirements and design plans.

  • Installation of Permanent Structural Supports - with the bench levels in place, permanent structural supports are installed to provide long-term stability. These may include reinforced concrete footings, walls, beams, or columns, depending on the structural design and engineering specifications.

  • Waterproofing & Insulation - after the bench levels and structural supports are in place, waterproofing measures, such as the installation of drainage systems or membranes, may be implemented to protect the newly created space from water penetration. Additionally, insulation may be added to enhance energy efficiency and maintain a comfortable living environment.

  • Finishing & Customization - once the structural components are complete, the new space can be finished according to the desired functionality and aesthetic preferences. This may involve electrical and plumbing work, wall framing, flooring, and any other desired customizations.


It's important to note that the specific process and timeline of bench footing can vary depending on factors such as the size of the project, site conditions, and the complexity of the underpinning requirements.


Make sure to discuss every detail of your project with a professional contractor. Get one of our bench footing experts on the phone today & receive 10% Off your project!

Basement Underpinning vs Bench Footing

How is Bench Footing Different from Basement Underpinning?

Rendering of a Foundation Piering for a house

Bench footing and basement underpinning are related techniques used in construction and renovation projects, particularly when modifying or expanding existing structures. While there may be some overlap in their applications, there are distinct differences between the two:



  • Bench footing - bench footing typically refers to the excavation and creation of multiple horizontal levels or benches within an existing basement area. The primary goal is to lower the basement floor and create additional usable space while maintaining the overall stability of the structure.

  • Basement underpinning - underpinning involves strengthening the foundation of a structure to increase its load-bearing capacity or to provide support when altering the existing foundation. The primary purpose is to stabilize the foundation, address structural issues, or enable vertical expansion of the building.


  • Bench Footing - the focus of bench footing is primarily on modifying the basement area itself by excavating and creating bench levels. It aims to maximize the usable space and improve the overall functionality of the basement.

  • Basement Underpinning - basement underpinning focuses on reinforcing and stabilizing the foundation of the entire structure. It addresses foundation problems, such as settling or inadequate support, and allows for vertical expansion or the addition of additional stories.


  • Bench Footing - bench footing typically involves working within the existing basement area and modifying its floor levels. It may involve excavation, structural support installation, and finishing work within the confines of the basement space.

  • Basement Underpinning - underpinning projects generally extend beyond the basement area. The underpinning process involves excavating and reinforcing the existing foundation, often extending down to the footing level. It can include work in the basement, crawl spaces, or even the entire foundation of the building.


Structural Considerations:

  • Bench footing - the focus of bench footing is to create stable horizontal levels within the basement by implementing additional structural supports and ensuring the stability of the excavated area.

  • Basement underpinning - underpinning addresses structural concerns by reinforcing the foundation, typically through the installation of new footings, piers, or beams. The aim is to enhance the load-bearing capacity and stability of the entire structure.


While bench footing and basement underpinning serve different purposes, they can sometimes be used together in a comprehensive renovation or expansion project. For example, underpinning may be performed to strengthen the foundation, followed by bench footing to lower the basement floor and create additional living space. The specific techniques employed will depend on the project's requirements, structural considerations, and the advice of professionals such as contractors and engineers.

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