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How to Increase Height of my Basement?

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Times have changed and basements aren’t used anymore simply for storage. We constantly stumble upon images of people decorating window wells and making their basements unique part of homes. Some have even made them as bowling alleys. Plus converting your basement and making it more enjoyable is surely a great investment, especially if your basement is under 7 feet high. That’s the minimum acceptable height for basements.

Here is how to do this:

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Basement Underpinning

The most common method increasing the height of your basement is basement underpinning. It sounds nice, but increasing basement height isn’t an easy job. You may have to add a new drainage system, do some waterproofing, dig large holes or with other words invest a lot of time and money. With digging up your basement this is set to a minimum. You will still get your desired basement, but you’ll be doing it the easy way.

First ask around if you need to get some permits to make your basement go deeper into the ground. This varies in different countries. Next you need to check for pipes and if there is the need to add new and better ones, more suitable to the new basement.

Remember that with digging deeper you are more exposed to floods, cracks or leaks. Get the appropriate tools and start figuring out ways to remove the already existing floor. It won’t be such a bad idea to consult with an expert. He or she will advise with the best ways to make this happen. For some homes this technique isn’t possible because it will mess up their foundation walls.

Invest More

The safest way to increase your basement height is by investing more effort and money. Instead of digging up, height will be added to your basement. This is done by lifting your house and adding extra bits to your foundation walls. It sounds exactly as it is: complicated. People decide to go with this method if they are facing a difficult basement situations as complicated floods, loose foundations or if they have some big basement project in mind.

To do this, you must hire a couple of experts. You will need professional, dedicated and precautious contractors. Consult with them to see which methods are better for your home. There are a couple of ways to add new foundations. You can even mix them up, just remember doing everything while consulting the experts and having in mind the safety of your household.

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